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This unique emblem was developed by a serving police officer to promote brotherhood. There are innumerable products that anyone can purchase that represent the "thin blue line." However, Watch My 6 will provide this decal only to those who serve or who are retired. Our signature decal is designed to replace all other police decals. At Watch My 6, we believe that only a few can do the tough job of policing, and this decal is dedicated to all those officers who protect our communities and families. They are the true separation between peace and anarchy.  Our motto and logo is from the tactical clock that police officers refer to as "watch my back." This new trademarked symbol reflects the extent of trust that can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Upon receiving the purchase order, Watch My 6 staff will verify eligibility through the information provided.  When verified, each officer is limited to the purchase of 2 vehicle decals.The decal is produced on thick 7-year paper. The number "6" is reflective and easily recognized at night.

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing


Verification Option 1.   Complete the employee information box during checkout


Verification Option 2.   Fax credentials to 1-866-634-3730 for faster verification and shipping